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1. Seeking practitioner to work in established practice who has experience with research supported Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to treat

Lake - Bend Anxiety Clinic

Introducing Our New Sister Clinic

Introducing our new sister clinic Our expansion offers anxiety and depression treatment to underserved populations in Central Oregon. Photo:

Single session exposure therapy for children with school-based selective mutism

One of his most recent projects was presented at the 75th annual conference for the Oregon Academy of Science

Ethical Considerations of Exposure Therapy

Promoting Empirically-Supported Treatments and Dissemination of Research Jill Davidson, Psy.D. Empirically-supported treatments are underutilized in clinical practice despite

Comprehensive Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

The Portland Anxiety Clinic offers comprehensive assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders, including ADHD and learning disability evaluations for children, adolescents,

The Portland Tribune Interviews Dr. Heidi Meeke

Anxiety: it exists in all of us Some medical conditions or diseases can be discovered with the help

The Portland Tribune Interviews Dr. Jill Davidson

Children are not immune from anxiety It’s hard enough for adults to witness chaos in the world by

The Portland Tribune Interviews Dr. Jason Guy Richards

Do you suffer from illness anxiety? You might have discovered yourself doing this — perhaps several times a